Teachers or Technology…in Looming World???

A computer, an electronic gadget has the ability to receive, and transform data into information, while a teacher on the other hand is a soul who teaches students. Computers are advantageous over teachers as being an electronic gadget it doesn’t get tired. They have been programmed to examine people, and have human driven qualities like patience.

Technology has been introduced in modern classrooms. Technology has been introduced to teachers, parents, administrators and students as a whetstone with which we can sharpen our education system. Technology will help us to open doors, expand minds, and change the world. But technology alone doesn’t gain all credits. The change that an iPad brings in the classroom, will not replace a teacher anytime soon. In fact, when newer technologies like iPads are introduced there will be an ultimate and greater need for teachers. We need teachers who are early adopters and integrators. The modern teachers must be willing to take chances by not only figuring out how technology works, but also how it can work for each student in an appropriate way.

Personalized tech-infused learning is the future of modernized education. We have started to share our best education technology resources. Now it is no longer good enough to just share resources.
Teachers are not, and cannot be a gadget for the students who just give information to students. They are the leaders, facilitators, guides and mentors. They encourage their students when they struggle, and also inspires them to set and reach their goals. They are considered as role models. A computer can give information, but a teacher can lend a hand, or an ear, and discern what’s necessary for a student to succeed.
Computers do not have blood running in their veins and hence they do not get tired as humans do. A computer can teach students for twenty four hours a day without a break. Moreover, computers have a character of patience because they are machines.

They can recite the “ABCD” song again and again for a thousand times that too without losing patience, but humans tend to lose their cool after singing for quite some time. Teachers can instill moral discipline in children but computers fail to do that part. Teachers can use some illustrations for their students can be easily grasped.

Many schools cannot afford the cost of buying and maintaining the computers as some parts of the world are still developing. Computers also cannot guess the human gestures as it has much of its teachings based on theories along with some practical’s. Hence many parents prefer teachers over computers, because will be corrected for their wrong conducts in class. Also children tend to be disciplined and obedient when teachers are around them.  Not all are comfortable in using computers as some find it difficult to understand the functions, they are not aware of how to use these machines and some feel bored to sit in front of the computers for a long period of time. This makes students uneasy to use the machines. According to health experts, people who don’t  take ergonomic breaks while using the computers may suffer from chronic ailment such as damaged spinal cords, eye problem, wrist pains, neck strains and even other computer related diseases.
cnc-web-world-4To conclude, both computers and teachers have equally contributed for the development of education in the world. In an opinion, computers can never replace human teachers. As teachers are important in students life, CNC Web World have decided to give you one to one training. It also conduct web designing training in pune. CNC Web World can be called as treasure of Technology were you can find best android classes   and C language courses.

‘Teachers are not, and cannot be automatons handing out information to students. They are leaders, guides, facilitators, and mentors.’

So yes, technology is going to play a critical role in the future of education, but cannot replace a teacher.

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