Why brushing up your skills is important before joining a company



When you have to appear for your examination, you revise the entire syllabus from beginning to end. Of course, you have studied it in detail before; but it is necessary to brush up your knowledge at the last minute so that you do not forget anything. You may be very good at stitching or knitting or even driving for that matter at a given time in your life. However, if you try your hand at these skills after a long gap, you fail to do it with equal competence and confidence. This applies to all kinds of skills, including job interview skills, presentation skills and soft skills. These latter three are part of your personality. They involve participation, interaction and communication. The way you communicate and present yourself in company is important from the point of view of employment. You may be perfect in hard skills and technical knowledge; but inadequate competency and lack of practice in skills can affect your performance a great deal. It is necessary to brush up the skills before you think of joining a company.

Skills related to jobs:

  • Soft skills – These include the way you talk, communicate and behave in general.
  • Presentation skills – These are part of soft skills but refer specifically to presenting a topic with or without the use of PowerPoint.
  • Interview skills – The way you answer questions, your confidence level, your knowledge about the subject etc.
  • Group discussion – How you assert yourself, how you draw attention to yourself, how you listen to others and be an active participant, and what genuine contribution you make to the topic of discussion.


  • Brainstorming sessions – Your perspective of looking at a topic, how you can think divergently, your originality and resourcefulness.
  • Writing skills – You handwriting, clarity and organization of thoughts, use of appropriate diction, style of writing and grammatical correctness.
  • Conversational skills – fluency, clarity, pronunciation.
  • Non-verbal communication – the way you dress, your gestures and movements, maintaining eye-contact, regularity, punctuality etc.

All the above skills must be consciously developed by those who seek jobs. If you do not practice them, you are likely to lose awareness of them. For instance, you may forget that you should not sit down when you go for an interview until you are asked to do so. As soon as you see the empty chair meant for the interviewee, you sit down immediately. You must keep in mind how you dress, how you should keep your documents in a file and so many minor things. These trifle things are important but you are most likely to forget them. Hence, revising, going through details in your mind repeatedly and brushing the skills periodically go a long way toward success.


Every student who completes a course successfully has knowledge about the subject to a fair degree; what makes a difference is personality. All the skills related to jobs are related to personality, manners, behaviour, attitude and social skills. Hence, if you want to make a mark before joining a company, you must rush up these skills. Remember, the first impression is the last impression!!!



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